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“Your future is shaped by dreams, your brows by me” – Zorana

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Brow2Brow 3D MicrobladingBrow2Brow 3D Microblading
5 Stars - Based on 194 User Reviews
Brow2Brow 3D MicrobladingBrow2Brow 3D Microblading
5 Stars - Based on 8 User Reviews
  • Ann FroioAnn Froio

    Zorana put me at ease immediately! She is knowledgeable, very skilled and kind. My brows were done four days ago and I am so happy with how they look, even this early in the healing process. My family have all complimented my lovely brows. Thank you Zorana for restoring my brows!!! They are beautiful and you are very professional and skilled. See you in a few weeks at my touch up.

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  • Luisa HierroLuisa Hierro

    Highly recommend!! Zorana explains everything in detail and there was no pain. Very clean and sanitized. I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner. If I could give her 10 stars I would!! 😊

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  • Chris DawaChris Dawa

    Zorana is the best! I was so nervous in the beginning but her patience and professionalism put me at ease. When she was finished I wanted to cry but I waited until I got home. I’ve been self conscious about my eyebrows for several years. I can’t even put into words how much better I feel. Shes a game changer. I’m so grateful I found her. 😊

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  • Jean GonynorJean Gonynor

    Zorana is amazing!!! I am in my late 50s and I never wear makeup. My new brows add some much needed drama to my everyday natural look! She got the color and shape perfect and I would highly recommend her.

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  • Amanda HamannAmanda Hamann

    Zorana did an excellent job on my eyebrows! I personally can't compare my experience with anyone else since this is my first time microblading, but my friends who have gotten theirs done are blown away compared to what they experienced from other places in Phoenix/Scottsdale.
    Her technique is amazing, beside manner exceptional, and her instructions on follow-up care is top-notch. I was expecting my brows to scab and flake like my friends; I had none of that. I followed her directions and literally celebrated my birthday 5 days later in quarantine with perfectly shaped eyebrows!
    Do not hesitate in booking! She fills up quickly!! Best $ ever spent!

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  • Gyi I.Gyi I.

    I absolutely loved Zorana! She was extremely patient with me in answering my questions and some personal concerns I had. Very optimistic and supportive and... Read More

  • Tracy T.Tracy T.

    I have to say this was an experience I have been waiting for. So it's not 100% painless HUGE surprise. That being said it was bearable and the second pass... Read More

  • Priscilla P.Priscilla P.

    I have been following Zorana's (brow2brow) work since moving to the area. Her attention to detail is evident in her work! I did ALOT of research when it... Read More

  • Rachel SalyerRachel Salyer

    She is professional and a wizard with making your brows look right for your face and not cookie cutter brows. I recommend her to anyone wanting their brows done right! Phenomenal experience!

    My picture was immediately after touch up.

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  • Ilene Gisler-PayanIlene Gisler-Payan

    Zorana was absolutely wonderful.. She was super sweet, extremely confident in her work & highly recommended.. Cannot believe the transformation

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  • Ashley Nicole TindleAshley Nicole Tindle

    I actually have eyebrows! they look so natural that I wish I could say that I grew them myself. She's amazing!

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  • Janethe SotoJanethe Soto

    Zorana is amazing! She's did such a great job on my brows and explaining the process to me! I would recommend her first to anyone! Can't wait to schedule my touch-up! 😍GRACIAS ZORANA muy buen trabajo me encanto 💯 recomendado 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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  • Crystal MontañoCrystal Montaño

    Zorana is absolutely amazing! She is an amazing brow artists and really knows best when it comes to perfect shape and fullness . She did an incredible job on my brows and was very thorough answering any question I had. Ill be a customer as long as she offers the service!! Thank you so much♥️

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  • Jeri FoutsJeri Fouts

    Zorana your work is absolutely amazing!!! Thank you so much!

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  • Stephanie WilliamsStephanie Williams

    Zorana is amazing! She's did such a great job on my brows and explaining the process to me! I would recommend her first to anyone! Can't wait to schedule my touch-up!

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  • Melissa PaquetteMelissa Paquette


    I came across Brow2Brow as I was scrolling though artists on IG. I wanted my eyebrows micro-bladed for a long time. As you can see my original shaped, the density and color of my eye brows are not satisfying it lacks fullness .I have been following Zorana for some time now watching her grow and reading her reviews and amazed by her customers reactions to their results. I am impressed with her work. She has such a steady hand, very creative, extremely professional and she doesn’t make this experience uncomfortable at all! I do have to say I was so relaxed even 😴 during the process. This is my first session can’t wait for my touch up!!!! If you are unhappy with your eyebrows and want some insight schedule a consultation with Zorana. Trust me if you commit you will be beyond happy with your results.

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  • Danijela IgnjaticDanijela Ignjatic

    I HIGHLY recommend Zorana if anyone needs to have their eyebrows done. She is absolutely amazing. I needed to have my eyebrows done so bad but I was so scared I called Zorana she explained the whole process in detail. The day of my appointment I was freaking out again Zorana explained everything and made me calmer and better. The results were AMAZING!!! I am so happy with my new eyebrows words can’t describe it. I wish there is more than 5 stars on here because Zorana deserves sooo much more than 5.

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  • Sarah BazerSarah Bazer

    Zorana was absolutely amazing! She was super informative, thorough, genuine and helpful throughout the whole process. Very professional, from the time you book your session to the time you arrive and throughout your appointment. My mom and I left EVERYTHING from shape, color, thickness, etc completely up to her and we couldn't have been happier with the results! I will continue to go to her for any future touch ups and I pray she doesn't move any time soon because I would definitely have to follow her for them! If you or anyone you know are looking to get your eyebrows done I would highly and strongly recommend Zorana over and over again at Brow2Brow. You won't be disappointed and she is worth every penny and then some!!!

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  • Martha PawMartha Paw

    I’ve been wanting to get my eyebrows micro bladed for so long , and I got to say, I am so grateful I found Zorana! The results were phenomenal! The micro-hair strokes were incorporated with the natural shape of my brows and it blended in flawlessly with my real hair. Since Microbladding , my makeup routine went from 40-45 mins to 25-30 mins. Highly recommend Zorana if you’re looking to enhance your natural brows or looking to fill in thinly dispersed hair. I am very pleased with my results and that’s without the touch up yet! Thank you Zorana 🧡🥂Not really comfortable posting pics in public but if it helps anyone out (that’s what helped me decide to go through with it so I’ll do the same).

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  • Lisa TopicLisa Topic

    As a microblading artist living in Canada, its very hard to find someone to do my brows that I can put my absolute trust in to do my brows. I always knew I wanted Zorana to do my brows and only her because looking at her work she is fantastic at what she does!! When she was on vacation in this area I contacted her and she was more than happy to do them for me - I was thrilled. It has been 3 days since my brow appointment where she worked her magic, and each day I fall even more in love with my brows! The shape, the size, the detail, the color, EVERYTHING is perfect about them. I can't stop staring at myself, feeling like a whole new woman now. As a brow artist people always look at my brows and now I can have the confidence I lacked before. Zorana is truly a top microblading artist, the best of the best. Thank you for giving me the brows I have always dreamed about. Xo

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